Inspire Post#

Inspire post#6

Capture To capture is to become in the possession of. To capture a moment is to capture the memory of something and be able to look at it when ever you please. To capture someones attention is to hold their view and interest, and be able to make them lose interest when ever you want.…… Continue reading Inspire post#6

Inspire party#

Inspire party#2

I made the Unicorn Pinata for my birthday and forgot to post a picture. Here it is! It took A LOT of time and patience but it was definitely worth making, just for the experience. I didn’t get too sentimental as it got hit but at the end when we couldn’t break it, everyone started…… Continue reading Inspire party#2

Inspire Cooking#

Inspire Cooking#2

M&M Cookies The other day I made M&M Cookies for a party. As soon as I opened the cookie tin with all the cookies in, all hands went in and no cookies were left after.  The recipe is basically a chocolate chip cookie recipe but with the chocolate chips swapped out for M&M’s. They’re a…… Continue reading Inspire Cooking#2



Check out these amazing photos taken by Christopher Martin of two Osprey fighting over a fish. It is incredible how clear the pictures are of the Osprey. It will definitely inspire you to get out in nature.