Inspire Post#

Inspire Post#10


“The object toward which an endeavor is directed; an end.”The Free Dictionary

A goal is an outcome we try to achieve. At the end of a period of time we want a specific outcome to occur. We set goals because we as humans need something to work towards, a purpose in our actions. Goals can cause great happiness but also sorrow. If one comes to the end of their track and they don’t achieve their goal, they can either be sad, or they can be resilient and set another goal. You don’t need to set a time limit on your goals take as much time as is necessary, so as not to stress you out. It is best not to procrastinate, but get on top of your goals as time will make them grow bigger and scarier. Sometimes with in one big goal there are several little goals. Achieve the little goals before you seek to achieve the big goal. We need to learn to walk before we run, skip or jump. After you complete a goal you don’t need to stop setting other goals. Another won’t hurt.

The message with in this post is: “Before you leap, run and once you land, keep running.”


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