Kumihimo Braiding

“Kumihimo braiding originated in Japan and has been around for about 1,500 years” –

For my 12th Birthday, a friend bought me a Kumihimo friendship bracelet making kit. It was awesome, I made quite a few bracelets and tested all the different patterns. I recently I found it and  I made a necklace using a nice rose quartz pendant, and I tidied up the  loop and finished it off with a clasp (much nicer than the bracelets I made when I was younger). Then my dog chewed my Kumihimo wheel to pieces, just after I told my friends about them and they’d asked me to make some for them. So mum and I hunted for a new one, discovering they are very difficult to find. After a couple of weeks we found a kit at Kmart which included a back up wheel as well. So I have decided to open up my services to you, my readers. You can order one through my contact form. Here’s a photo of mine if your interested.

You can ask for a specific length. This one is 52 centimeters not including the loop and clasp, and is 4 millimeters thick. The thickness you can not change. I made it that long so I could have it tucked under my clothes. As you can tell I am not someone who usually wears necklaces. You can ask for it without a pendant, as you can slip your own pendant over the loop side.

When ordering place the information in this order. Length (not including loop and clasp unless specified), You may pick up to 4 different colors and then what pendant you would like (you may choose from amethyst, rose quartz or citrine( all are prism shaped)) or if you wish not to have one.

Example:  Necklace 52 centimeters , 3 brown 1 pink, rose quartz

I used 3 brown and 1 pink to create a spotty look, different combinations will create different patterns.

This is what a Kmart Kumihimo braiding wheel looks like…



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