Handmade Dreamcatchers

The idea of Dream-catchers came  from the Native American tribes in which dream-catchers saved their people from the nightmares. The Dream-catchers would catch the Nightmares while letting good dreams slip down the feathers and beads.

Inspire Creative Little Minds Dream Catchers are custom made and has a variety of colors and combinations for you to choose from. It is an Australia based business where we believe every individual is different and has different taste from another which is why we think custom made is best suited for the community. Dream Catchers can be a decoration for the bedroom, house, work place or car. Here are some of my creations that can help with your choice to make.

There is a step by step pricing list for you to see how much your favored design or creation will cost. They are priced in Australian dollars. Try to make sure you order at least 3 or 4 weeks before your designated time for it to be delivered on time. When ordering send the design features you want, your budget, your way of payment, where you would like your dreamcatcher delivered to and whether you would like it wrapped for a particular occasion.  I will reply with how much your dreamcatcher will cost and will ask for you to give a 50% deposit. To order contact: inspirecreativelittleminds@gmail.com

 Note: Their will be an add on expense for international shipments.


This an owl dreamcatcher using 2, 100mm rings with fishnet web. I would class this as a moon dreamcatcher and it uses a lot of beads and feathers, and so feathers cost $2.00 and beads cost $3.00. The full price of it is $20.002017-02-12 19.11.56.jpg

This is another owl dreamcatcher. It costs $20.00. I made it for a little girl as you can tell. It’s absolutely gorgeous and helps explain that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own unique combination.


This dreamcatcher is a moon dreamcatcher using 2 rings. The outer ring is a 150mm ring and the inside one is a 100mm ring. If you want to check costing the web is classed as a fishnet web with a spiral crystal holder. This is worth $24.00.p1060463

The ring is a 700mm ring with a fishnet web that uses beads to create a small pink bird in the middle. This dreamcatcher was custom made for a short film and is to be auctioned off at the end of this year.p1060437

This is a 200mm ring with its web classed as a fishnet web with a spiral crystal holder in the middle. When ordering this web design call it fishnet-star web with a spiral crystal holder. This is worth $21.00.p1060439

This is a 150mm ring with a seven pointed star. This is worth $12.00p1060440

This is a 75mm ring with a fishnet web. Because of its size it could be used as a decoration hanging from the car mirror or as a gift to a small child to hang in their room. This is worth $6.00.

2016-05-28 18.34.37

This dream-catcher is a 100mm ring with a star web and crystal holder at the center.

2016-05-21 22.59.04

This dream-catcher is a 150mm ring with a 7 pointed star with double ribbon around the ring. It is worth $14.50.2016-05-21 22.58.33

This dream-catcher is a 200mm ring with fishnet webbing and a crystal holder at the center. It is worth $21.00.2016-05-21 22.58.45

This is a 100mm ring with fishnet webbing. This is worth $7.00.

2016-06-06 13.23.41

This is a 150mm ring with fishnet webbing. This is worth $14.00.

2016-06-24 19.43.02

This is a 200mm ring with fishnet webbing and a crystal holder at the center. This is worth $21.00.

2016-06-24 19.45.46

This is a 75mm ring with a 5 pointed star. This is worth $5.00.

2016-06-24 19.44.50

This is a 1oomm ring with fishnet webbing. This is worth $7.00

Dream Catcher Pricing

Or alternatively you can choose one of the images from the list above and paste it into your email so I know exactly which design you want.

How to read the Pricing

Some people find the list a bit confusing so I hope this makes it easier.

Start from the top at step 1. which is Sizing and rings. The measurements are the diameter of the ring. Choose the ring diameter you would most prefer. This will dictate the size of your Dream Catcher.

Step 2 is web design. Here you choose the web design you would like in the middle of your dreamcatcher. You can choose the web design and  how many beads you want added to the web. If you don’t want any beads don’t put it in your order. Make sure you describe colour.

Step 3 is Dangles. This is basically how many feathers you would like hanging from your dreamcatcher and the amount of beads used. If you use more than 5 feathers you will pay the extra $1.00 for both feathers and beads. Make sure you describe colour.

Step 4 is Ribbon. Here you choose whether you want to have double ribbon or just the usual single ribbon. In your order I will need you to specify what colour you want your ribbon to be as well.

I hope this helped if not I have an example:

2016-06-24 19.44.50

  1. I would like a 100mm ring. – $6.00
  2. I would like a fishnet web, no added beads and I would like that to be pale pink.- $1.00
  3. I would like 3 feathers and no extra beads, and the feathers should also be pale pink with pink string.- $0.00
  4. I would like 1 ribbon and the colour I would like is pale pink. – $0.00

Comment: I would prefer if all shades of pink are similar.

Total Price: $7.00