Paintings for inspiration.

This page will show you different paintings that I have painted. I hope they inspire you to do some paintings yourself.p1060442

This painting was my first serious painting. At first I painted the rainbow background which symbolised to me the universe. The red being the centre of our earth, the orange being the soil we feel under our feet, yellow the sand at our beaches, green the plants of our world, blue the oceans and rivers, purple the night sky and pink the question of the unknown. The wriggly looking things symbolised that there is different forms of energy everywhere. It also helped me with my understanding of colour.

Then I painted the black silhouette of the tree using different images of twisting tree branches to inspire me. Then I added light pink mixed with grey to create the light on the tree defining it really well. This also helped with understanding light and shade.

The canvas is about 100cm x 80cm and this painting used masses of acrylic paint.p1060449

This is the first painting I did when I started art classes. At first I had wanted to do flowers I had drawn before but the teacher said she thought it would be good if I got out of my comfort zone and painted a picture that had new flowers on it that I had never done before, after all the lady was being paid to teach me something not supervise me painting.

First thing I did was draw and map my painting. I looked at several different books pulling in different ideas. I got the watering can pot idea from one book and the flowers from another so that I wasn’t copying another artists work but being inspired by them.

Then I painted the flowers, first painting different coloured blotches and then painting edges on top of them. Then I painted the watering can and the bow, defining edges as well. Then I painted the background and after added all the light and shade to it fixing up any mistakes.p1060457

This painting I had started out trying to paint it as a realistic Australian scene using just a palette knife and when it was time to add finer details I used a too big a brush and it ended up becoming an abstract painting which looked pretty cool. The canvas is actually part of a door covered with canvas material which my art teacher had gotten made at Bunnings warehouse.p1060451

I painted this picture around Christmas time as a gift to my mother. The little bird down in the corner is a white cheeked honey eater. A couple of months before I had come across a baby white cheeked honey eater that had one of its legs dislocated. Me and my mum had decided not to take to a vet because they would just put it down, so instead we looked after it in our bath with a couple of tree branches to rest on, a saucer of water and a specialised nutritional bird drink that we bought at a pet shop. The little bird we called flit. His leg healed and we released him back into the wild. That little bird rocked our world and it made us notice birds that bit more than we use to.p1060452

At my art class we were challenged to create a vase of flowers with whatever flowers you wanted, even made up creations of a flower. So I decided to make a sort of genie bottle as my vase and I put in some normal flowers and some made up ones. The first thing I had done was use red and pink in my background to have something to make the colour scheme revolve around.p1060448

This painting I had been painting for my Nanna and I had finished it just after she passed. Now I use it as a tribute to her life. I think it is a picture of her home when she was a child but I wouldn’t know as I never saw it. She was the same age as the queen and I was reminded that every time I asked. She passed age 89 a month away from her 90th. p1060456

This painting was inspired by How to use masking tape in a painting but adapted to create pretty paintings for bedrooms.

At first I rolled gold and silver on to my canvas with a rolling sponge. Then it was blow dried and I stuck the masking tape over top for where I wanted the trees. Then I painted on the pinks using the darker pinks at the bottom and top and the light pink in the middle. ThenI went crazy using toilet roll ends tipped in paint as stamps and circular sponges.

Then after it was all dry I pulled off the tape and used a piece of chopped folder plastic and placed the flat edge on the edge of the tree facing in with paint on the bottom half of that side face. I then flattened it on to the tree to create the look of pealing bark.p1060441

This painting is inspired by the previous painting. I first painted the beautiful pink and orange background melding the colours together. Then I copied a picture of a zebra placing tape along the zebra stripes and all around the edge. Then I painted a skin tone over and around the zebra shape. Finally I pulled off the tape which revealed the zebra.p1060444

I know this is technically not a painting but a collage, but its on a canvas so it kind of fits in the painting category. This is what I call a sustainable painting. I used newspaper that would usually be chucked out or shoved under the kitty litter, wrapping paper scraps that couldn’t be used to wrap presents and bubble wrap that would usually be discarded.

First I pasted down ripped up pieces of news paper with coloured sides face down on to the canvas with craft glue. Then I cut the love heart shape from the bubble wrap and covered the bumpy side with ripped wrapping paper and stuck the flat side down on top of the newspaper. It is a great craft idea for younger children and you can make what ever shape you want on top.


This painting was inspired by nature. I had seen lots of frangipanis recently so I thought frangipanis are pretty lets paint some. Then I decided to start a collection of frangipane pictures and I’m in the middle of the second right now.p1060460

This painting was painted for the same short film as the giant dreamcatcher I made. This painting is also to be auctioned off around the end of the year.


In this painting I used acrylic paint on a small canvas. You can see the lighting and the shadowing on this painting was used to create a night time feel but also a bright kind of happy feel to it. I used water to smudge the shadow to make it look more natural.P1050806

This painting took me a while because I couldn’t match the right colour for the back ground. I then realised that purple goes with both colours of the tigers so I used that and to fill the space I did purple swirls with a bit of lighting on them.P1050808

This one my sister did. She replicated this painting from the internet, capturing each detail from the picture.