Kumihimo Braiding “Kumihimo braiding originated in Japan and has been around for about 1,500 years” – For my 12th Birthday, a friend bought me a Kumihimo friendship bracelet making kit. It was awesome, I made quite a few bracelets and tested all the different patterns. I recently I found it and  I made a…… Continue reading Inspired#5

Inspire News#

Inspire News#2

Sorry I forgot to write a year summary of all the things that were great for the blog. So let’s take a trip down memory lane. I published 15 posts. We reached an all time high of 62 views in a month in April. The most viewed post was Inspired#4. The most viewed page was…… Continue reading Inspire News#2

Inspire party#

Inspire Party#3

A friend of mine was having a party and she asked me to make her a Llama pinata with lots of colours, so here are two photos of it. All I did different was extend the neck and add a little pompom on top. Here are the Pom pom instructions I used:

Inspire Paintathon#

Inspire Paintathon#2

The second image in my Remember When series describes 1930’s fashion. It is called 30’s Flare. Just like the previous painting this also focuses on memories and reminiscing though this time I focused on the general fashion of 30’s. My intentions for this series is that the colour of the ladies outfits will follow in…… Continue reading Inspire Paintathon#2

Inspire Post#

Inspire Post#11

Boasting Vs Speaking With Pride The difference between boasting and speaking with pride is the intention. When you boast, you make something sound amazing to make someone else feel bad. When you speak with pride it is to make others feel good about something and make them share your same interest and joy. The thing that…… Continue reading Inspire Post#11

Inspire Cooking#

Inspire Cooking#5

Dairy Free Orange Cake I whipped up this recipe the other day when I was making a pinata. It is absolutely delicious and I recommend eating it with whipped cream or alternatively greek honeyed yogurt (even though both are dairy) and strawberries. I rate this recipe at 5 stars as I had absolutely no issues…… Continue reading Inspire Cooking#5