Photography In The Outdoors

Here are photos I have taken from my garden, when I’ve gone out or from when I’ve been on holidays. I use my Panasonic Lumix and just edit the photos so they’re clearer in Windows. Hope you like them. Please don’t share the photos on any social media but you can leave a link for others to see them. Hope you like them.


This picture was for a school assignment where we were making posters to ask people to help stop pollution in the Gange river in Asia. I took this picture straight after I got out of bed in the morning because I had a dream that motivated me to get stuck into the project, it also was handy because the morning dew hadn’t left yet so I had some water droplets on the leaf as well. Go motivation!


This is a Canna Lily Storm Boy and I have no idea where it is native to.


This is a Bottlebrush Flower, which is native to Australia.


We grew cherry tomatoes when I was younger and this is a picture of one of the first to grow.


This is a photo at the beach up near Hilary’s in Western Australia.


This is a picture of the speaker from a car made by Honda, so its not real an outdoors picture but technically it is as I took it on the way to somewhere outdoors(Beach).

Lesmurdie Falls WA

These are pictures of flowers I took when I went to Lesmurdie Falls. I know people are suppose to go there to see the waterfalls but I found the native flora was stunning as well.



This flowering bush I have absolutely no idea what it is but what I found most fascinating was the leaves. See how they’re long and thin a bit like sticks. I had never seen leaves like that before.


To me the white flowers of this bush look a bit like snowflakes. When you stand back from the bush it looks like a pink bush with snow sprinkled over it even though it doesn’t snow in WA.





This flowering plant reminded me of blue bells.



I really like this picture, I don’t know why but I do.



At Lesmurdie falls one of the bush tracks took us up the hill. A way up the hill we found fields of these beautiful purple flowers. It was a cloudy day that day but it still could not darken these flowers colour.


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