Photography With A Simple Camera

Using a simple Camera you can get amazing photo’s. I used my film camera and uploaded the footage I got onto my windows laptop. I then played the footage, paused it in parts where the birds were and then took a screen shot pressing PRTSC. I then went into the application paint and clicked on the button that said Paste. The screen shot is then on paint and you can crop it so you have just the picture and not the other icons that were on the screen. Finally you have the picture ready to send to friends, post on social media or do whatever you want to do.

Flying bird

In some photo’s where there is movement the trick is to pause the footage in exactly the right spot, It took me a couple of tries before I got the right spot especially because the birds move very fast.

White cheeked honey eater

In this particular photo I had to change the lighting because it was really bright and you could hardly see the bird. I used the application Microsoft office 2010 to adjust the lighting.

older bird

When zooming in on a camera make sure you are very still or have the camera on something balanced because when you have zoomed in a lot, shaking is more obvious and then you get blurry footage and completely miss the actual thing that your trying to film or take a photo of.

Car Speaker.JPG