Q and A Fantasy Children’s Short Stories

Hi everyone, this page will hold short stories for you to read to yourself. They will be here for you to enjoy on this website and maybe help you to write stories yourself. These are stories that I have made up on the spot when someone asks me funny questions like these. I hope you enjoy them and please leave a comment if you do.

Where Do All The Lost Things Go?

Where do all the lost things go? The pixies take them.

First, the pixies drop the things they find into the ocean.

Then the lost things float across the ocean guided by the pixies of nature.

Then the pixies pick them up as they wash up on the shore of Pixie Island.

After that they take them to the Pixie Queen so she can change the lost things into amazing things.

And then finally the messenger pixies take the amazing things to Santa Claus.

Who wraps them with his elves and then sends them off back to the children on Christmas Eve.


When do the cows come home?

When do the cows come home? When the pixies tell them to.

First, the cows have to make their way to the highest hill in the furthest part of the farm.

Then because the cows mooing is so loud the pixies wake up from their slumber in the cloud kingdom.

Then the pixies fly down from the clouds to the cows who are eating and tickle their bellies.

The cows laugh so much that they have to run down the hill away from the pixies and finally slowly make their way home again.


When will the pigs fly?

When will the pigs fly? When the pixies ask them to.

First, the pixies need to have some sort of quest to go on.

Then they choose a pig from anywhere in the world to take them on this quest.

The pixies utter their magical words then ‘poof’, the pig has wings sprout from their back that are large and strong so they can fly to anywhere in the universe.

The pixies then have to teach the pig how to fly.

They start by using their magic to lift the pig into the air about as high as a 2 storey house and then they drop the pig, and then catch the pig again with their magic so that it doesn’t splat on the ground.

Eventually the pig learns to stop itself from falling by using its strong and powerful wings and learns to fly.

Then the flying pig and the pixies go on their quest, flying through the universe to save the day.









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