Inspirational Text

This page will hold little bits of writing to inspire you and get your creative heart beat going. Read through these texts and think about what you might like to write, paint or do. I hope you enjoy reading these poems and please comment if you like them. Have fun!

Why can’t you?

Stars in the sky twinkle, Birds in the air sing, Why can’t you?

The snow when it falls dances, the water in the rivers run, Why can’t you?

The planes in the sky fly, the acrobats on the trapeze swing, Why can’t you?

The firemen at the fire stations save lives, the vets at the farms help save animals, Why can’t you?

No one else can stop you from being who you want to be but anyone can change the world.


Step by Step, Side by Side

Step by step, side by side we walk.

Step by step, hand in hand we talk.

Joke by joke, laugh by laugh we smile.

Dance by dance, song by song we move.

Step by step, trip by trip I fall.

Trip by trip you catch me and trip by trip we keep dancing.

Don’t stop because you falter, keep going and smile.


Hold on tight

Grip it hard, don’t let go, don’t let the inspiration leave you.

Hold on tight, not too tight and it will stay with you.

Don’t let it dangle, use it well and it might just stay for fun.

Creative minds bring inspiration easy and the wonders it creates are endless.


The Little blue bird

If you want the little blue bird to sing it’s sweet song, don’t block your ears.

If you want the little blue bird to dance it’s pretty dance, don’t close your eyes.

If you want the little blue bird to keep you company, don’t lock it in a cage.

If you want the little blue bird to stay your little friend tell him you love him and he’ll come play again.



When we fall we get up

When stuff breaks there is glue

After rain there is a rainbow

For a scratch there is a band-aid

For a cry there is a hug

For sadness there will always be love








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