Experimental Poetry

I decided to have a go at some poetry and see if it was any good, here are some of them.

The Great Green Vine

Slowly slithers the great green vine

Crawling up the dirt track

Slowly slithers the great green vine

Curling round the bike rack

Hissing, flicking, the vine creeps through the grass

Slithering slowly it finds its target fast

Creeping quietly it takes its mark

Woosh, the great green vine jumps

Locking onto a mouse

Venom ooses from its mouth

Death behold the little mouse

Inside the belly of the great green vine




There are winds in the trees, storms in the air

bushes are shaking, leaves are tussling

and there is no sound from the beaks of birds.

The rain is cold and the sky is grey

as it is day but the winds call for night

there is no harmony in the wind .

Rumbling, tumbling the sky is filled with fire

burning the ground with its hot gaze of fury

The just clouds will judge the mutany of the winds.

Treason is true within the guilty winds,

they are sentenced to perish this day

and expelled from the hills of this fine land.

The sky clears, in between becomes day

and colour becomes striped beyond grasp.



Colour and song fills the air around her

but the sounds of the world becomes distant.

There is only one she says of beauty

and that is of herself and hers alone

The mirror of a pool is clear and bright

but only one figure has caught her eye

It is she, she sees in this reflect

and if it is she, she only sees here

lonely she will stay, struck by vanity.